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The Gulfstream Region is an offspring of the Gold Coast Region which was formed in 1963 by a very ambitious group of 40 Porsche enthusiasts from mostly Dade and Broward counties.


This new club extended over 300 miles along the East Coast of Florida from Saint Lucie county down through Monroe county to Key West.

For many years the Gold Coast Region was mainly a Dade/Broward County club.  Under strong leadership, the Gold Coast Region continued to grow to become among the first regions to have a PCA National Certified DE program and the biggest Club Race in PCA.

As Gold Coast grew so did membership in Palm Beach County north and beyond to St. Lucie County.  It became apparent that with this much growth the territory was just too large to continue to serve the growing membership which had surpassed 3,000 members spread over the 300 miles.


In 2017, a few members of the Tequesta Porsches and Pancakes breakfast group (including two Past Presidents of the Gold Coast Region) began talking about starting a North region. As interest in a new region began to spread, discussions slowly turned into planning. 


We had the opportunity to meet with the PCA National President and Secretary at the 2019 48-Hours-AT-Sebring Club Race and expressed the club's need to add a new region in South Florida.  They were receptive to the idea and with the help of our Zone 12 Rep the process of forming the Gulfstream Region was started.


Both the Gold Coast and the then soon-to-be Gulfstream regions agreed that this was good for the growth of PCA and good for members of both regions.


It was decided that the new "Gulfstream Region" would consist of Highlands, Martin, Okeechobee, St.Lucie, and a portion of Palm Beach counties excluding the Towns of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, and Gulfstream.

The Gulfstream Region received its charter in December of 2020.

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